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i was a long, long way off
28th-Dec-2009 11:32 am
Disney: If Your Heart Is In Your Dream
I hope that everyone who celebrates has a nice holiday!!

Mine was pretty good, aside from the part where I am now ill. Three family dinners in a row! Oh joy of joys. It could've been worse, that is for darn sure.

I got a few nice things this year:

-iPod speaker dock thingy
-really lovely brown leather photo album that's bound with a cord and has pretty pretty detailing with a stone set in the middle and handmade paper on the inside for mounting photos on.
-money & giftcards
-bright orange towel set
-curling iron
-USB flash drive and a memory card for my camera
-a spa day~
-an Edmonton Oilers hocket jersey
-an alpaca toque & scarf
-a little ornate perfume bottle. It's all glass and gold filigree and really cute!

And I think that's all of it! Not a bad haul. Still no trip to Disneyland though =( Ah well, all in good time I guess!

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